Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Apologies for not posting for a while - few technical issues with my own computer amongst other things. The service has however kept going very well - longer days and dry weather all help. As a reminder though about not suffering in silence, I myself had experienced some problems with the connection dropping out every 15 mins or so - which is very frustrating, however having reported this problem, a reboot of the Dairy House transmitter and all is working perfectly again - so do report these problems!

You may have noticed a couple of newer 'slim line' receivers dotted around the village. This new kit has been installed on very problematic connections and seems to be working well. It is also a useful test for this equipment as we drive on with plans to improve the whole system - news on that soon.

I have also created a 'proper' website for the broadband now - it is a work in progress and very much a steep learning curve for me, so apologies for errors and omissions, but it should soon become the focal point for news and updates on Lingen Community Broadband. feel free to comment via this blog.

The address is:

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