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Meeting 10th January

I wasn't able to attend this one due to work commitments, however in summary:

Steve and Trevor had met with Councillor Olwyn Barnett at the Cadwell transmitter site - the purpose being to present her with a better understanding of how the system currently works. Also to re-emphasize the reliance that the community places on it and how with the right investment it could made available to others within the area who are currently unable to source conventional broadband.

There are 2 or 3 potential new customers - to sustain and even develop the service new customers are very welcome and any leads will be followed up.

The signal from Mountain Building has been slightly problematic recently. This again down to recent overcast weather conditions and shorter daylight hours. It must be noted that due to their increasing age the batteries they are unable to hold their power for quite so long and are taking longer to charge.

Date set for next meeting of 14th February

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